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Energy & Balance

Promote wellness. Employee wellness programs are shown to decrease sick leave, reduce healthcare costs, and minimize workers' compensations claims. Moreover, at-work yoga classes are a meaningful way for employees to connect with one another while taking the time to calm their nerves and refocus their energies. Your employees understand that they are valued when their employer invests in their well-being. 

These classes will move at a moderate pace with an emphasis on strength building and relaxation. As with all my classes, the sessions will be catered to the needs and goals of the group. This means you can elect to have a twenty minute restorative session where employees can remain in their work attire and will focus on stretching the areas most fatigued during office work (facial muscles, neck, shoulders, back) and breathing exercises to help decompress and refocus. Or, you may schedule a one hour session at the end of the work day so that employees can get in a workout and unwind from the workday before returning home. Sessions can be offered in a variety of durations ranging from 20-75 minutes and can occur on a  regular basis or as one-time events for corporate retreats or team-building programs.


The following are examples of sessions that are ideal for the workplace, but if you don't see what you're looking for, please contact me to begin designing a program that will meet your company's needs. All programs can be done virtually or in-person.

20 Minute Practice: Short class to focus on releasing tension in the face, neck, shoulders and back. Or if your employees are on their feet all day, the practice can center around easing pain and soreness in the back and legs. The session will also include a relaxation or breathing exercise for students to balance their energies before returning to work. Participants can remain in their work attire. The class does not require equipment (can be done in a conference room with furniture). 

45 Minute Practice: A more vigorous class that will focus on building strength, flexibility, and relaxation. This type of practice is ideally offered at lunchtime, or before or after office hours as participants will be most comfortable in workout attire. In addition, this class will require a space large enough to accommodate yoga mats for each student.

60 Minute Practice: Ideal for early morning or after office hours, this practice can be designed to energize employees for a productive day or to help them unwind before heading home. Participants can wear workout attire and the room will need to accommodate yoga mats for all students.

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