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Wellness & Devotion

Commit to taking time for yourself. With private in-home yoga sessions you no longer have to internalize the guilt of missing class because you're too busy, too tired, too whatever. I'll come to you on a regular basis and guide you through a personalized practice that I adapt to how you are feeling that day, while keeping steady aim on your long-term goals. 

As your in-home yoga teacher I will tailor classes to meet your personal long-term goals, while allowing session-to-session flexibility. In my time as a teacher I have learned that teaching a public class in a studio is wildly different from working with a private client. While a teacher may be very gifted at choreographing an all-levels class for a studio, a really good private teacher is able to throw away the plan after checking in with her student at the beginning of class and instead design a practice that meets the student's physical and emotional needs on that day but also stays true to the student's long-term goals.


This is a wonderful option for beginners as well as those seeking to deepen an existing practice. Open to individuals, couples, and small groups.

Pricing: Starts at $75/hour

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