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Connection & Joy

Take in the experience. A group yoga class is a memorable addition to any celebration. Maybe you're planning a bridal shower, reunion, or girl's weekend, or perhaps you're trying to build foot traffic in your new small business. Hosting a yoga class can be the creative element that sets your event apart from the rest.


Your wedding day will be one of the most important of your life. After months of meticulous planning or a whirlwind of preparation, the day of the event is meant to be a manifestation of your vision-how it looks, how it feels, who is there, everything. If you're in the throws of organizing, you've probably been warned that "it goes by so fast."  A custom yoga session is an effective way to help you remain present for the experience. Whether you wish to host a class for all of your guests or a more intimate session for your bridal party, your yoga practice will be a part of your celebration and can help set the tone for your big day. 

Pricing: based on size of group and distance from Cincinnati*


A group yoga class is a lovely way to shower a bride with love and support. A session for the bachelorette party or shower attendees can be an unexpected opportunity for relaxation for an anxious bride and her devoted family and bridesmaids. In addition, private sessions for the happy couple or a group class during the bachelorette party make for great gift ideas.

Pricing: Based on size of group and distance from Cincinnati*

Special: Purchase a group session for a bachelorette party or bridal shower and receive 50% off a wedding day session or private session for the couple**

*I will accommodate out-of-town bookings for special events. 

**Discount of 50% off group rate or flat rate of $30 for bride and groom session

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